Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sokator 442 trailer (Head of story / project designer )

Here is the trailer for the movie that I  was head of Story and project designer on. I designed all the central characters, developed some of the key locations and was responsible for boarding around 75 percent of the film whilst over seeing the rest. The movie was developed at Zoo group London. Probably the most fun I've had in my career thus far!

Mad Crab!

This is a concept for a character developed for Zoo group.

Pencil concept artwork for animated feature Sokator 442

My role on this project was primarily as the head of story and I will release the boards when it is possible to do so. I also was the main character designer and project designer. My good friend Luke Mandie was the art director and we worked closely together on designing environments and key locations for the film. These drawings were pencil sketches I did for the Swamper stadium where the climactic final match takes place. The final design maintained some elements from these sketches such as the pitch resting on the back of two giant mechanical frogs and the substitute benches being the hands of those frogs...I always thought that it would make a great toy!

More Storyboard Artwork from Universal's Tale of Despereaux - Ratworld

This selection of panels is from my time on Despereaux developing sequences for the Ratworld section. I was on the movie for around a year but spent around six months with the rat world section. There was a song sequence called 'great to be a rat' with a macabre dance sequence which never made the final cut and in the end the thousands of panels I did were condensed in a few small scenes. I am grateful that some did indeed make it to final cut and I had a great experience working on the entire thing.


A fun concept of a character I am developing for a personal project. She is a homage to all those ninja babes from video games and comics I grown up with. Totally impractical and completely fantastical...but hey that's the beauty of animation!

Storyboard artwork for The Tale of Despereaux The knight battle sequence.

These are a selection of panels from my sequence from the movie Tale of Despereaux. I did these boards for the Universal pictures release. and they appear pretty much exact in the movie which was very satisfying for me as my other key sequence the troubled 'Ratsong' was cut from the film. I had a great time working on this project - the directors Sam Fell and RobStevenhagen were always very encouraging towards my work and as it was my first venture into storyboard from a life of traditional animation that really helped a lot. Thanks guys I have never looked back!   

Conceptual Art

This digital painting is an exploration of a character I have been playing around with since I was 15 years old...One day may be he will see the light of day but for now he shall continue to keep me busy when i am between projects!.


Character experimentation influenced by the styling of the movie the crow and the anime characters from 'King of Fighters'

Witch Indian style!

A concept of an evil witch with a dash of Bollywood thrown in!

Police Chief

A concept for a hard nosed cop!

Mad Scientist!

This is a character concept I developed for a personal show. As his expressions show he is a maniacal megalomaniac with a little too much brain for his own good!

Old Charcater designs from my days at Trocadero studio

This selection of drawings are around six years old now. and were done when i was a senior animator at Trocadero Studios In London. The project was titled 'Kid Samurai' and was going to be the flagship production of the new studio. Sadly the studio closed due to lack of funds or some other similar reason. I very much enjoyed my time there, the studio was located in the County Hall building and was literally right next to the London Eye.