Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Whilst working on Season 3 of the popular Horrid Henry TV series I was given an episode that really excited me as it involved a superhero that was well versed in the martial arts. Being a keen martial artist myself I jumped at the chance to make his moves authentic and as the show was 2d I could have an input in the actual animation as well. There was a particular manoeuvre that was unique to the character involving a flipping action. I decided to base it on the Butterfly twist or B-twist which is a popular move in the tricking scene. I my self can do a basic version called the butterfly which gave me a good understanding of the execution but the B-twist is a little more complex so I decided to make some sketches from some youtube sources to aid me in my posing.Above is an example of the original sketches and how I adapted them for the signature move.
I will post the actual boards once the series is doing the rounds on CITV!

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