Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More Traditional Animation samples

Here are some samples of a short piece of traditional animation I am doing for my self. Whilst I am now a storyboard artist I like to keep my traditional animation muscles working, as it’s a skill I do not wish to let go of. I have been doing this piece on and off for a year now its not very long but I pick it up and drop off it between jobs. I am posting some choice frames and an example of what the end result in the BG will look like. I will post some tests and hopefully the finished piece when I get the time to take it to that stage.


  1. Thanks man! much appreciated!

  2. hi arshad great work i really envy you the way you keep yourself fit with various jobs and still comeback to storyboard i follow you thanks a ton for your posts

    1. Hey Vcharish! Thanks so much for such generous words. I started out as a traditional animator because I loved to draw and especially the living form. I had very little interest in the clinicle process of computer animation weather its 3d or the 2d cut out flash method. I loved the organic process of drawing and building on a drawing. When traditional animation died I found my self in storyboard - and I am learning a lot more about drawing as a board artist because now I have the environment to focus on aswell. But there will always be a part of me that will return to my animation roots! :)