Friday, 27 January 2012

More SOKATOR story art

Another scene from the animated feature Sokator 442. I boarded a lot of this Movie on paper but there was the odd occasion when I chose to go digital in Photoshop because I wanted to convey a certain atmosphere and it was quicker for me to do this via Wacom Tablet. I resisted boarding digitally for a long time but it was this project that relaxed my attitude towards digital boarding and I actually ended up doing a lot of fixing and re boarding via the machine purely for speed. Not all boards could be art worked in the manner of the examples above. There were times I was required to work at breakneck speed and re board entire sequences in a matter of a day or two. Though I attempted to retain some quality due to the demand of there being no layouts - I did resort to a much looser and rougher approach - I will post examples soon!