Friday, 3 February 2012

ANIMATIC: Rat world - My Edit!

Whilst working on Universal’s ‘Tale of Despereaux’ I was assigned the task of developing a sequence that had to introduce the lifestyle of the Rats to the audience. The sequence had been in development for some time by other artists but the directors Sam Fell, Rob Stevenhagen and Gary Ross were not entirely satisfied with the direction it was going in - so I was assigned the uphill task of trying to hit the right note!. I spent a good many months tinkering with ideas in many directions ranging from ideas such as a dark Nazi-like regime to a light-hearted yet macabre song and dance number until they decided on the song and dance number called ‘It’s great to be a rat’. The final cut of the animatic never made it in the movie and just sections of my sequence was used to introduce the primary villain Botecelli. Above is a cut that I edited together in my spare time after the production was finished. I have Incorporated drawings from many varying versions I boarded and utilised all the relevant images I could find. The flow is a little patchy at times but it gives a sense as to how I originally envisaged it. I temp tracked the music composed by the late great Jerry Goldsmith for the movie Gremlins to my edit as when I was boarding the sequence I was imagining everything going along to the eccentric music and often humming it to myself whilst drawing. I have yet to see how the actual final edit looked in the animatic form, though apparently they have released the animatic as a deleted scene extra on the Blue Ray edition DVD which I have still not seen! So it wasn’t all for nothing then ;)

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