Monday, 5 March 2012

Playing around with the iPad

A couple of days ago I was very kindly given an apple ipad 2 as a gift from my brother. Naturally the first thing I looked into when I opened it was the possibilities concerning drawing and sketching. After a few hours of research I decided to get the App sketchbook Pro and a Wacom Bamboo stylus pen custom made for the iPad. The drawing experience was very different and a little unnatural to start with but after a couple of hours of horrendous scribbling I became a little more comfortable with it. I decided to google search some tigers and see what I could come up with in a drawing session - I still find it hard to produce work to even half the standard as I would with a Wacom tablet or a real sketch pad - but never the less I am inspired enough to keep playing with it - it beats any video game that's for sure!


  1. Thanks man! just after posting this I thought I would try Photoshop for iPad it's way better so much more control over where the pen stroke goes...I should have played with that instead!