Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Animal art continues!

What does a Hippo a Goat a Frog and an Elephant all have in common? They are all part of some of my cartoon animal development art.

You can find this Artwork in print or on your kindle in my book here! 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Book Preview: How to Draw a Pretty Cartoon Girl.

This is a mock up of the cover of my forth-coming book titled 'How to draw a Pretty Cartoon Girl'. The book will give readers an insight into character construction and breaking anatomy into simple manageable shapes using an easy to understand step-by-step approach. It is due out in the last quarter of the year. Below the image is a preview of some excerpts from the author’s introduction and chapter on how to utilise the book.

Excerpt 1 Authors Introduction.
   As a young artist eager to improve my abilities I would often watch my seniors, as they would draw well-constructed appealing poses of characters. I would gaze in amazement as in a matter of minutes they would construct a drawing of far greater appeal than anything I could have produced in the duration of many hours.The drawings that these experienced animation artists would make had a professional edge to them and even in their rough unfinished state they contained that certain something that I knew my fully finished drawings lacked. Even after having worked in the business as a professional for a year or so I never felt satisfied with my efforts. There was a clear distinction between my work and the work of those whom I admired and in spite of the many hours I spent practising as well as reading books for guidance my work continued to fall short of the mark. I spent months drawing from life just as I was advised to do so by the many books and professionals I valued and still those few simple, intuitive strokes of the pencil created by some of the artists around me would continue to possess the very quality that I desired to be contained within my work.
   Eventually I started to progress and my drawings began to mature, in part because of my continuing to practice and following the advice of those whom I respected, but also because I truly began to understand the process of drawing and the methods used to create those particular drawings. Though I had worked in the industry for a good few years it was only then I could personally feel that I was at a professional level. If you have ever felt this way about your work than this book is dedicated to you!

Excerpt 2 Authors Introduction.
I have thought about the progression throughout my career and have written the kind of book that the younger over eager version of my self would have greatly benefited from. It would be a great deception to write a book claiming to cover all aspects of drawing and character design as the field is extremely vast and varied. Although there are plenty of fantastic books that give an excellent overview, my book is designed to give an element of precision focus to the reader and take them on a journey from beginning to end concerning the creation of just one particular image. The experience will be as though the reader is looking over my shoulder as I draw and asking a question about almost every line and shape that I make and receiving the answer.

Excerpt 3 How to read and use this book.
The step-by-step presentation of this book will take the reader on a journey into the artist’s mindset as he tackles certain problems that confront him when drawing the character. To the beginner the methods of construction put forward can at times appear a little overly technical and seem unnecessary for the drawing of certain body parts. However, it is important to understand that a confident artist draws freely and without hesitation due to having a full understanding of the subject matter. So for example, whilst it may be passable at times to draw two simple lines connecting the head to the body to represent the neck, if one does not understand how to properly construct a neck they may be at a loss when attempting a more challenging angle. As the familiar saying goes – Knowledge is power so it is important to follow every step through in its entirely. It is also a demonstrable insight as to just how much hidden knowledge is stored at the back of an artists mind even when making the simplest of shapes.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Using the iPad for Character development.

After playing around with my iPad and exploring different drawing apps such as Skethbook pro and Photoshop touch I came to the conclusion that though it was a lot of fun I would not be able to utilise it towards my professional work...Or so I thought! The other day I was waiting for my train home and an idea for a character popped into my head. the image was so clear and strong that I had to make a sketch in case I would loose it. So I scribbled something on Sketchbook pro and taken it as far as I could. Knowing that I would have to revise the image - I emailed it to my self and opened the sketch on my work station where I later made the relevant corrections and alterations and thus completed the drawing. I have put up the original sketch done on the iPad along with the evolutionary process of the character. I will be working this way a lot more in the future!