Thursday, 7 June 2012

Using the iPad for Character development.

After playing around with my iPad and exploring different drawing apps such as Skethbook pro and Photoshop touch I came to the conclusion that though it was a lot of fun I would not be able to utilise it towards my professional work...Or so I thought! The other day I was waiting for my train home and an idea for a character popped into my head. the image was so clear and strong that I had to make a sketch in case I would loose it. So I scribbled something on Sketchbook pro and taken it as far as I could. Knowing that I would have to revise the image - I emailed it to my self and opened the sketch on my work station where I later made the relevant corrections and alterations and thus completed the drawing. I have put up the original sketch done on the iPad along with the evolutionary process of the character. I will be working this way a lot more in the future!

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