Monday, 16 July 2012

Wacom Drawing: Character Design in Real Time

Here is a character design I sketched for progressive Metal band Training Icarus.
The music band is fast rising in the world of rock and metal. At one stage they approached me to animate a video for them - The character was designed for that video but production has been put on hold while the band continues to establish itself. The video below is an example of how the character was designed and created. I listened to the music for inspiration and tried to capture the emotional spirit of the songs into the design.
You can listen to more music from Training Icarus at their official website:
and find them on facebook also:

Monday, 9 July 2012

ACTION SEQUENCE from Sokator 442

This is a sequence from the animated movie Sokator 442 that I am very proud of. As the head of story on the production my role also involved revising the script and building upon elements within it. There was a section in the script that was less than thorough, it involved a large tank that the protagonist had to do battle with. The lines were short and not very descriptive. I cannot recall exactly what they said but it was a very A, B, C style affair.The director at Zoo films came to me and asked me to beef the scene up so I designed a Tank that was like a large swamp creature and changed the environment setting to the outer marshes of the villains castle. I thumb-nailed the whole thing in a day and shown it to the director who absolutely loved it.
The dwindling quality of drawings in my board is apparent as I began detailing them for the overseas studio to utilise as lay out drawings but ultimately my duties were required elsewhere on fixing other scenes and revising older boards so in the end my thumbnails were used as story boards. The whole sequence taken four days and was extremely enjoyable to do. Because this was the first draft and due to the nature of the deadline it went through for production in the form of my post. We revised the final cut in edit with a few inserts to help the flow a little better and some additional dialogue to keep it moving.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Disney style Princess: Cancer Campaign

Artwork developed for my Company A.M.B Animation as a proposal for a Cancer awareness fund raising campaign that will tug at the heartstrings of potential audiences and aid in raising finances towards a very worthy charity. The campaign will draw attention to the emotional hardship concerning children and the process of chemotherapy during their battle with cancer.