Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rough Story Boards (very rough!)

Those of you who regularly follow my blog or are well acquainted with my work know that I like to present it in the most pristine manner possible. I make no apologies in spending more time than what is required for some of my storyboard commissions and I like to get the drawing as close to a finished state whenever time permits. There are times however, when time simply does not permit and one such case was on my role as head of story for the animated feature Sokator 442. Indeed I am sure that many of you who follow this blog have encountered some of my story art on this project (and others) and found it to be finished to almost layout style proportions. There was a demand for me to work especially clean on this project as there was no budget for layout and my boards had to be blown up and interpreted. However there were times when my work load was far too great for me to take the board beyond a slight reworking of my thumbnails. In this post I share with you some examples of that process. Hopefully one can look beyond the ill proportioned scribbles and see the the essentials of storyboarding in tact such as flow, composition, staging and mood. I am particularly pleased with this little scene and actually prefer it as a piece of nuts and bolts boarding to some of my more laboured efforts!