Thursday, 27 September 2012

First bit of animation in a year or so!

After publishing my first ebook AMB's Advanced Animal A to Z I have been hard at work making a short online commercial for it. I decided to revisit my traditional animation days of old and put into practice my rusty traditional animation skills that have been sadly neglected in the past few years whilst working as a storyboard artist. The line test above is only a small taste of the commercial which will be a minute long - though most of the animation will be at the start in the form of the above character. The animation was done entirely in Adobe Flash CS6 using my new Wacom Cntiq 12 WX tablet - I decided to get the smaller model for portable purposes as I need to take it abroad often. I put on my very best Brian Blessed impersonation and voiced the entire commercial...I experienced a little trouble syncing it up in the final comp as Flash slowed the audio down by 8 percent or so thus I think I will break the audio manually in a dope sheet next time as opposed to animating whilst scrubbing..I will post more updates on the developments of the ebook commercial as and when they happen. My book is available for Kindle reader and Kobo with an iBooks version to follow. The links are below for those interested.

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