Sunday, 29 September 2013

STORYBOARD PRO 4 - Finally Converted!

Through out my Story board career I have generally avoided using Toon Boom's Story Board Pro and opted to do my boards in Adobe Photoshop instead. Purely because I do not enjoy drawing with vector brushes and have preferred the softer and subtle brushes available to me with bitmap software. I did see the plus sides of Storyboard Pro as it made many aspects of boarding a lot easier but ultimately I love my job because I enjoy the process of drawing and being more comfortable with a pencil as opposed to a marker pen, I would always opt for the bitmap over vector. I decided to purchase Toon boom's new version of Storyboard Pro that offered bitmap layers and drawing tools and I'm please to state that  it was one of the best purchases I have ever made! I first got my chance to use it whilst working as animation director for Legos animated series ' The Legend's of Chima' There were some boards on an episode that needed some alterations and I was requested to do them. I opened the programme and gave it a go and was completely hooked! I felt as if I was drawing in Photoshop but had all the plus elements of StoryBoard Pro such as being able to flip panel to panel - do pans and tracks - even add sound and preview an animatic! The tools are not as numerous or varied as Photoshop but more than adequate for story boarding, after all this is not an illustration or comic book job. Unfortunately I am currently unable to post the work that I produced for Chima at the moment but I am sharing an example of a short test I have been doing for a personal project during my weekends. So my verdict on Toon Boom's StoryBoard Pro 4 ? FANTASTIC!