Sunday, 15 November 2015

Professional Walk Cycle Animation guide

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I have designed this fun walk cycle based on many messages and skype sessions received from a multitude of questioners ranging from amateurs, college graduates, professional animators and members of the indiedev , gamedev and game design community who understand basic walk actions but struggle at injecting fun and personality into them. The cycle features a cartoon character in its construction stage. This is so that a clear understanding can be gathered from the movement and shape manipulation via drawing and construction.
By downloading the walk cycle pack you’ll learn how to animate in a way beyond watching or reading. One of the most effective ways that I leaned animation was when I trained under a former Disney, Warner’s, and Bluth Animator. He would often give me piles of animation paper all with animation drawings and notes scribbled on them. I flipped through them, analysed the movement in accordance to the notes and then had a go at drawing in-between and breakdown frames. This process taught me more about animation in 3 days than the 3 years that I spent, wandering aimlessly in the dark at art school scratching my head in response to the rhetoric thrown at me from ill-informed and underdeveloped lecturers.
 Many people send me messages of thanks for the countless hours of free 2D drawn traditional animation tutorials that I have posted on YouTube. Some of them often offer to buy me a drink – well here’s your chance!
By downloading the pack you benefit from an interactive form of learning in a manner that a book or video cannot provide. You also help to support A.M.B Animation Academy in continuing to produce high quality instructional content, lectures and tutorials that are widely available and accessible to users of all abilities and backgrounds.
Some of A.M.B’s professional Credits include
(TV- Lego Legends of Chima, Matt Hatter Chronicles, Horrid Henry, Jungle Junction.
Movies – Tales Of Despereaux, Fantastic Mr Fox, Sokator 442, El Cid the Legend, The Jester Till, Eight Crazy Nights.
Commercials – Coca Cola – Frosted Flakes, Honey stars, Fairy Liquid )

Friday, 4 September 2015

Serena Williams Princess Tribute Art

Movie style Princesses really do exist! From humble beginnings to the very top Serena Williams is the living example of the established Princess genre of moviemaking defined by Disney and marketed as the Disney Princess. There are many examples in real life that echo the themes in these fairy stories and Serena does so in abundance. A proud, strong, majestic woman that has it all beauty, strength, spirit, determination and self belief. She is a shining example of the human spirit at its very peak. This is my tribute to one of the greatest Tennis players of all time!
Music - Robocop 3 - Tittle Theme  by Darkman007

Monday, 22 June 2015

How Farting Can be Dangerous!

A Fart Too Far! A short Public Health Warning about the term 'Farting Around' which is another way of saying 'wasting time'. Watch as the man Breaks wind immersing himself in the joy of his own flatulence until he eventually poops his pants.  Time is valuable our life begins and ends within its boundaries don't let your life stink like poop because of procrastination breathe fair air not foul!

The Animation was created using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro version 4.1 and a Wacom Cintiq. Background Art was drawn and Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS6 By Arshad Mirza Baig of A.M.B Animation

The other day whilst boarding on a pose heavy series utilising Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro 4 software I had a little thought that stopped me in my tracks.
I realised that I was practically animating my storyboard so I thought why not try and actually use this software to produce some Hand Drawn Animation. Although I have a background in classical 2D traditional Animation my main field of work for the past seven years has been as a Storyboard artist. Although I was tempted to purchase recent packages like TV Paint or Toon Boom Harmony I held reservations from obtaining them due to my not making a financial return to warrant their purchase. Photoshop CS6 and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 have payed for them selves dozens of times over and realistically any other purchase would be a vanity affair. I kept up my Passion for 2d Hand Drawn Animation through the software Adobe Flash - where I utilise it to provide free 2d Drawn Animation Tutorials for my growing YouTube Channel AMB Animation Academy

The package is fine for demonstrating simple tutorials but extremely frustrating for anyone attempting to produce a high quality piece of drawn frame by frame character animation. The vector tools are extremely intrusive and inhibit the organic flow from brain to pen stroke making the whole process of animating extremely disjointed - much like the symbol style that Flash was created for. In my ignorance I held the word vector in disrepute and refused to work in Toon Boom Story Board pro purely because it was vector based. Then Toon Boom announced a bitmap drawing tool in it's new version so I decided to give it a go. After a while of playing with the programme I thought I'd just try and see what the vector drawing experience was like in it and I was stunned. It was just as good as drawing with a marker pen and I had full control! I never looked back and spent last year doing most of my story boards happily in vector line work.

I finally decided to utilise Story Board Pro to Animate in during the course of producing a series of animation tutorials on YouTube where I demonstrate how to do advanced character Animation using Adobe Flash. Animating Traditionally is a time consuming process but double so using Flash so I thought I'd make a short test in Story Board Pro to see if it was any faster. The above film is the result. I not only Drawn every frame in Storyboard Pro but I also coloured them in too. The back ground was painted digitally in Photoshop because the bitmap tools In SB pro are not quite as good but looking at the simplicity of it I'm sure that it also could have been produced using Toon Boom's Story Board software. Needles to say I'm quite excited about the results and also the prospect of creating my own films without having to purchase any new or expensive Animation Software!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Knight Rider The Animated Series

A Video documenting as a speed drawing of the classic 1980's Action TV show 'Knight Rider' in a cartoon animation style. as a piece of concept artwork for an animated series based on the retro classic starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight and his state of the art automobile KITT - the coolest car ever designed!  The artwork was drawn sketched and painted in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using a Wacom Cintiq. The Image is below the video.
I was inspired to do this Artwork by listening to the amazing cover version of the Show's Theme music by my longtime friend and associate the Objectivist Guitarist. The song is available for download here and you can check out more of his music on his youtube chaanel here